Centric Learning Academy - Tuition

Centric Learning Academy’s K-12 online private school tuition includes live online classes in all core subject areas, access to all course materials, and full support from mentors and advisors.

Full Tuition K-12$5200 /year*Includes live online classes in core subject areas, 24/7 access to curriculum and platform, and comprehensive support from mentors and advisors.
Individual Course Access$900 /credit*Asynchronous access to one of dozens of accredited courses, including online support from teachers and timely, thoughtful feedback on submissions.
Tutoring Package$400One-on-one project-based academic tutoring in any subject(s), suitable for any CLA student. Package includes 20 half-hour sessions.

* Monthly payment plans are available for full-tuition enrollment and individual course access..

Additional Fees

  • A registration/administration fee of $300 is required for all full-time students upon enrollment.
  • If necessary, a $300 support software package may be required.

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