Academic tutoring

The Centric Learning Academy Tutoring Program is designed to meet each student's specific goals and needs. From homework help to credit recovery, and everything in between, our engaging tutors are excited to provide all the support our students need.

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Students in Grades 3-12
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Complete Flexibility
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$20 per 30-Minute Session
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Stay on track

One-on-one tutoring is widely considered to be the most effective way of helping a struggling student get back on track with thier studies. Our tutors are fun and engaging, motivating students to want to learn, and connecting their learning with real-world applications.

Students enrolled with CLA full-time benefit from individual tutoring sessions by staying on pace with their live classes, getting that little extra push to complete their projects more quickly. Struggling students who enroll in tutoring show 200-300% improvement on average, in terms of credit attainment.

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Engaging Tutors
Students learn best when they're relaxed and having fun!
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Test Prep
CLA is a test-free zone, but we know the importance of good SAT scores.
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Personalized Sessions
Credit recovery, homework help, or a fresh approach to a traditional subject.
  • Daniel
    I'm so grateful to my tutor, Fernanda. She is so patient and funny, and she really helped me a lot. I never thought I would like algebra!
  • Isabela
    For me, Centric Learning has amazing teaching methods and it's amazing for us to have the Centric Learning online platform because we can ask questions online and work on our projects at any time.
  • Caroline
    For me, Centric Learning's High School program was the opening of many doors. It was through analyzing sources and studying current topics that I learned about how to build knowledge, from personal research and even scientific research, but the most important part of this process was that I realized that if we want something, we just need to look for it. The world is here for us and we just have to make our own way.
  • Norton
    We take this opportunity to, once again, express our heartfelt thanks for all the attention we have always received from this noble educational institution and all of its valuable, capable and proficient staff.
  • Alexander
    We are very grateful for Centric Learning's support and we congratulate the excellent work of the teachers who made learning interesting and motivating throughout the entire period. They knew how to encourage my daughter to want to produce more and improve herself, always correcting her mistakes to achieve a better result.

Try a new approach

Project-based learning offers such an exciting change-of-pace for students. In a traditional classroom, a teacher is limited to one style of teaching, and that will always leave some students on the sidelines. Project-based learning allows our tutors to personalize the content, making each academic skill relevant to your child's interests.

Project-based learning also connects learning to the real world. This is why our students are so engaged with their classes. At CLA, our students learn so that they can solve real problems and engage with real issues that matter right now.

Ready to get started?

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