Elementary School Course Catalog (2023-2024)

Elementary School

All core subject courses are aligned to the national standards. For math and English Language Arts, they are aligned to the Common Core. For science, Next Generation Science Standards, and for social studies, the C3 Framework from the National Council for Social Studies.

All elementary school projects integrate math, ELA, and science and/or social studies into each project. There are twelve projects to complete in a year to cover all grade level content. Projects are all four modules and include a culminating Final Product for students to demonstrate their understanding of the project’s driving question. Project sequences are driven by the mathematics skills taught and used in them, with meaningful, rigorous ELA, science, and social studies connections woven in as they are relevant. 


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Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Third Grade

Below is a list of third grade projects in the recommended sequence:

Fossils, a Hint from the Past

Save the Planet

Animals Have Families, Too

Build a Zoo


Planning a Garden

New In Town

Order Up

Down on the Farm

Need for Speed

Under the Sea

Natural Disasters

Fourth Grade

Below is a list of fourth grade projects in the recommended sequence:

Bridge Building

Difference Makers

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Heroes All Around Us

Video Games: Good or Bad?

Plan a Vacation

Hidden Treasures

Tiny House

Changes to Earth

Learning Through Music

Start a Lemonade Stand


Fifth Grade

Below is a list of fifth grade projects in the recommended sequence:

The Power of Water & Numbers

Out of this World

Native American History

Cycles of Life

People Who Inspire

Greener Faster Further

What's the Matter?

Down to Earth

Birth of Today's USA

Iron Chef

Green Thumb

The Adventure of Life

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