Annual Academic Calendar (2022-2023)

Academic Calendar

Centric Learning Academy’s academic calendar is aligned with a typical US school calendar. Holidays with no classes held include:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Third Monday of January)
  • Good Friday (Friday before Easter)
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday of May)
  • Labor Day (First Monday of September)
  • Thanksgiving & Friday after Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday and Friday in November)


Centric Learning Academy students will also take a week-long break, typically in late March, for a US “spring break.” Below are other typical seasonal breaks for students:

  • Students in the northern hemisphere (USA) will take a summer break in July through August. They will take a winter break for approximately two weeks from mid-December through early January. 
  • Students in the southern hemisphere (Brazil) will take a summer break with classes ending mid-December and resuming early February. They will take a winter break in July.

Specific yearly dates of summer and winter breaks will be communicated to students and families by the Centric Learning Academy mentor and posted on the yearly calendar shared with students and families.

International students do not have class on the US holidays listed above, however we understand that there are important local and national holidays outside of the US holidays. International students should communicate a local/national holiday-related absence to their teacher in advance, and they will be marked excused. If you have questions about the calendar or excused absences, contact your teacher and/or mentor.

Below are the 2022-2023 Centric Learning Academy academic calendars:

Last Updated September 2023

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