Expanding Academic Horizons

Middle school is a transformative time for young people - academically, socially, and personally. The Middle School at Centric Learning Academy focuses on thinking big, setting high expectations, and building independent learning habits that prepare them for success in High School.


Students in grades 6-8


Rolling admission

Average Tuition

$5200 / year



A Path To Academic Success

Middle School is a time of increased independence, when students begin cultivating their own skills and interests. The CLA Middle School program instills confidence and provides study skills for our students to begin charting their own academic path.

Our accredited private-school program provides families with the flexibility to fit school around their individual schedules while offering hundreds of engaging projects across a wide selection of core courses and electives, helping students discover personal passions and career pathways that can shape their future.

Interactive classes

Collaborate with classmates and interact with engaging online teachers.

Flexible schedule

Live online classes scheduled at your convenience and 24/7 access to the online curriculum.

Independent learning

Develop independent learning habits and time-management skills.

Develop Academic And Social Skills That Prepare Your Child For Future Scholarship

Live online classes

At Centric Learning Academy, we believe in the power of interaction and collaboration, especially for Middle School students. Our curriculum and learning platform are available 24/7, but the live classes are where our online teachers really make meaningful connections and bring the academic content to life.


Middle School can be a volatile time in a young person's life, and academic success can easily be sabotaged by personal or social turmoil. Each of our CLA middle schoolers works with a dedicated mentor, who coordinates with parents and teachers to ensure all of our students have all the support they need.

Personalized learning

Our curriculum is based 100% on project-based learning, an educational model that prioritizes student voice and choice. Live class teachers adapt our projects to suit each student's needs, interests, and preferred learning styles, and our students can explore our complete library of projects with their friends or families anytime.

Gifted and talented

Project-based learning is a dream for students with the passion and talent to go above and beyond. Our certified teachers are trained to personalize instruction, raising expectations for those who need a greater challenge. High school subjects and college advising are available for students who are ready to start thinking ahead.

A personal approach to education

We believe in giving students voice and choice in their education, and we have integrated this concept throughout our middle school program. Students are more invested in their learning when they are given options and treated as a partner in the classroom.

It begins in our live classes, where our live class teachers get to know each student personally, tailoring the content and classroom activities to create engaging educational experiences.

Live online classes, full asynchronous access

Students learn best when they learn together, and that's why live online classes are central to the CLA experience. Students collaborate on projects, deepening their learning experience and making new friends along the way.

Outside of their live class time, our middle schoolers have full access to our complete library of engaging projects. We encourage students and their families to explore personal passions and elective subjects, and our academic mentors are standing by to offer all the necessary support.

  • Alexander
    We are very grateful for Centric Learning's support and we congratulate the excellent work of the teachers who made learning interesting and motivating throughout the entire period. They knew how to encourage my daughter to want to produce more and improve herself, always correcting her mistakes to achieve a better result.

Real-world education

Centric Learning Academy's accredited middle school program is designed to connect academic concepts with the real world. Watch your child explore exciting topics, experiment with new academic skills, and discover how their learning connects with the real world.

Our middle school curriculum includes core subjects such as Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Visual Arts that are presented through authentic, engaging projects and facilitated in live online classes led by qualified teachers.


Project-based learning

Our middle school curriculum is 100% project-based, where every new concept is present in a real-world context. Our students learn 21st century skills, inspiring students to think ahead to how their education is preparing them for the world beyond the classroom.

Competency-based learning

Learning should not be measured by how well students can regurgitate information on an arbitrary test. At Centric Learning Academy, assessment is integrated into the learning process, and teacher feedback is always constructive, aimed at continuous improvement and continued growth.

Academic and social support

CLA matches your child with a dedicated mentor, providing continuous academic, social, and emotional support to help your child thrive in a Middle School environment.

Communication is key to success in an online learning environment, and our academic mentors collaborate with parents and teachers to ensure your family is informed about all aspects of the learning process, surrounding your child with all the support they need to succeed in Middle School and beyond.

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