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The High School at Centric Learning Academy is accredited and designed to prepare students for graduation and admission to college. The school offers extensive course options, flexible learning schedules, and comprehensive college and career advising to launch students onto their academic and professional pathways.


Students in grades 9-12


Rolling admission

Average Tuition

$5200 / year



An elevated education

Set your student’s sights on college with a High School curriculum that motivates students to think critically, cultivate exceptional study habits, enhances critical thinking skills, and focuses attention on college and career pathways that can help students achieve their personal and professional goals.

Centric Learning Academy offers a highly personalized hybrid model for our students, combining live online classes in core subjects with elective courses that can be completed at their own pace and on their schedule. Academic mentors and college & career counselors work closely to guide students toward college admission and career readiness.

Interactive classes

Collaborate with classmates and interact with engaging online teachers.

Personalized instruction

A learning plan that is personalized to each student's needs, interests, and learning styles.

College Prep

Prepare for top-tier colleges with the help of dedicated college advisors.

Prepare For College And Career Through An Exceptional Online Academic Program

Flexible Schedule

Our blended model is the perfect combination of live classes and flexibility. With no deadlines or exams, students work at their pace and on their schedule.


The student-driven nature of CLA's high school program is extremely rewarding, but accountability is essential. Each student works with an academic mentor to help them stay focused and motivated.

Personalized learning

Our curriculum is based 100% on project-based learning, an educational model that prioritizes student voice and choice. High school students are put in the driver's seat choosing projects based on their interests and passions as they earn credits toward graduation.

Gifted and talented

Project-based learning is a dream for students with the passion and talent to go above and beyond. Our certified teachers are trained to personalize instruction, raising expectations for those who need a greater challenge. Honors courses are also available to students who are ready to accept a more rigorous learning path.

Education on your schedule

CLA’s High School program offers live classes in core subject areas, to provide the interaction and collaboration that really brings learning to life.

At the same time, we don’t believe in deadlines or exams, and our students have 24/7 access to our entire high school curriculum to work at their own pace when necessary.

Personalized learning to fit your lifestyle

The online learning experience, both in live classes and through asynchronous learning plans, is tailored to the individual student. Teachers, academic mentors, and college counselors identify and amplify student strengths and shore up gaps in learning, with an emphasis on preparing students for scholarship at the college level.

Competency-based assessment means that grades are awarded based solely on the quality of student submissions, and our model emphasizes critical thinking, time management, self-directed inquiry, and independent scholarship.

  • Alexander
    We are very grateful for Centric Learning's support and we congratulate the excellent work of the teachers who made learning interesting and motivating throughout the entire period. They knew how to encourage my daughter to want to produce more and improve herself, always correcting her mistakes to achieve a better result.

A college-focused curriculum

Our High School teachers, mentors, and counselors are laser focused on preparing your child academically and socially for success after graduation. We work side by side with your family to make sure all of our students are ready to hit the ground running in their college or university of choice.

Students receive continuous guidance and support from experienced college counselors, as well as opportunities to enroll in Honors courses and extracurricular activities that universities look for in their applicants.

Preparing For Post-Secondary Study

The Centric Learning Academy high school program provides dedicated college advisors, SAT preparation courses, and personalized coaching to help students reach the nation’s top colleges and universities.

  • Learn critical thinking, writing, and reading skills through a rigorous high school curriculum.
  • Enroll in honors courses that inspire you to raise your personal expectations.
  • Interact with students across the country and beyond who share similar interests and passions.

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