Elementary School

A Solid Foundation for Success

Our elementary school program provides a game-changing learning experience for our youngest students. With a curriculum that encourages exploration, teachers who make learning fun and engaging, and the flexibility to adapt to each child's unique interests and needs, we put each student at the center of their own education, forming the building blocks of continued personal and academic success.


A Solid Foundation for Success

Our elementary school program provides a game-changing learning experience for our youngest students. With a curriculum that encourages exploration, teachers who make learning fun and engaging, and the flexibility to adapt to each child's unique interests and needs, we put each student at the center of their own education, forming the building blocks of continued personal and academic success.

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Students in Grades 3-5
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Rolling Admission
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$3,000 - $5,200 / Year
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Full Support

Start Off on the Right Track

Education should be designed how we were born to learn. Nurture your child's intuitive drive to learn and explore with an education built around inquiry and discovery. Watch as your child discovers new interests, develops new talents, and finds new passions through engaging projects and personalized instruction.

Learning really comes alive when it happens in a social setting. Our live classes prioritize interaction and collaboration, with qualified teachers who know how to make learning fun and engaging. At Centric Learning Academy, your child will be laughing and learning with their classmates, making new friends, working and collaborating as a team.

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Qualified Teachers
Learn from teachers who know how to make learning engaging and fun.
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Engaging Curriculum
Our 100% project-based learning curriculum creates authentic, real-world connections.
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Full Support
Caring teachers and mentors ensure that each child's social, emotional, and academic needs are met.

Teachers Trained to Engage & Inspire

Our elementary school teachers are trained to engage young minds, providing students with stimulating experiences that foster personal and academic growth that build on their natural love of learning. Students are guided through fun, engaging projects that provide hands-on exploration, collaboration, and experimentation, personalized to their unique learning styles.

Teachers are in constant communication with mentors and parents to create a supportive academic environment that ensures student success, offering the academic, social, and emotional support that young learners need to maximize their potential.

Students are Born to Learn

Centric Learning Academy's creative teachers cultivate student curiosity and inspire them to explore their interests and develop their passions, while taking their specific learning styles into consideration and tailoring their learning experience. Our classes give students hands-on experiences to connect subject matter to the real world around them.

Teachers provide feedback that is meaningful, supportive, and personalized, promoting academic growth and accountability at a young age.

An Elevated Elementary Program

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Personalized Learning

Personalized pathways for every student built around their specific abilities and interests. Our award-winning project-based learning curriculum is uniquely adapted to each student, and our online teachers are trained to differentiate projects to each student's needs.

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Live Online Classes Option

Learning is more powerful when it is shared with classmates, which is what makes our live online classes vital to success. Our qualified teachers know how to design fun, collaborative activities and projects for our students, transforming learning into an enriching social experience.

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Communication between students, parents, mentors, and teachers is fundamental at Centric Learning Academy. Our mentors are the center of this communication, meeting with each student every two weeks, consulting with online teachers, and keeping parents and guardians informed throughout their educational journey.

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Parent Empowerment

Parents should feel empowered to collaborate with teachers and mentors at any time and at every opportunity. Our dedicated team is here to support you and your student, and our door is always open for questions, inquiries, and feedback. Education is a team effort, and parents and families  are invaluable members.

  • Isabela
    For me, Centric Learning has amazing teaching methods and it's amazing for us to have the Centric Learning online platform because we can ask questions online and work on our projects at any time.
  • Alexander
    We are very grateful for Centric Learning's support and we congratulate the excellent work of the teachers who made learning interesting and motivating throughout the entire period. They knew how to encourage my daughter to want to produce more and improve herself, always correcting her mistakes to achieve a better result.
  • Caroline
    For me, Centric Learning's High School program was the opening of many doors. It was through analyzing sources and studying current topics that I learned about how to build knowledge, from personal research and even scientific research, but the most important part of this process was that I realized that if we want something, we just need to look for it. The world is here for us and we just have to make our own way.
  • Norton
    We take this opportunity to, once again, express our heartfelt thanks for all the attention we have always received from this noble educational institution and all of its valuable, capable and proficient staff.
  • Daniel
    I'm so grateful to my tutor, Fernanda. She is so patient and funny, and she really helped me a lot. I never thought I would like algebra!

Student-Centered Education

Centric Learning Academy's accredited elementary school program is designed to engage young learners with authentic projects on topics that students really care about. Watch your child explore exciting topics, experiment with new academic skills, and discover how their learning connects with the real world.

Our elementary school curriculum includes core subjects such as Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Visual Arts that are presented through authentic, fun projects and facilitated in classes led by qualified teachers.

Project-Based Learning

Our elementary curriculum is 100% project-based, guaranteeing that our young learners are never learning something out of context. All subject matter is integrated into an engaging project, connecting educational content to the real world around them.

Explore Talents & Interests

Our projects are built around topics that students love, including music, nature, architecture, outer space, animals, robotics, super heroes, movies, and art. Each project is also fully customizable, allowing teachers to adapt learning content to your child's interests.

Parent Empowerment

At Centric Learning Academy, we believe that parent involvement is essential to ensuring a child's success. We invite all our Centric Learning parents to collaborate with teachers and mentors to provide a positive learning environment, both inside and outside of live classes.

The live interaction that our students receive with their teacher and their classmates is essential to our elementary students' social growth. Teachers build real relationships with their students, collaborating with parents to provide academic, social, and emotional support as they prepare for success in Middle School and beyond.

The Enrollment Process

Inquire or Apply

Contact us for more information on a specific program or apply by filling out our enrollment application


Our team will reach out to you and ask questions to get to know you and your child better as well as help you in the enrollment process.

Orientation & Onboarding

Our onboarding process gives new students access to tools they need to have a rich and positive learning experience from day one.


Now that students have access to tools they need to succeed, they can enjoy learning with our certified teachers.

Student Onboarding & Orientation:

► Learn to navigate the Centric Learning platform, messaging features, and feedback area

► Start to create a relationship with student's academic mentor and core subject area teachers

► Seek out projects outside of class time to work independently on areas of special interest

► Create a personal time management plan to balance schoolwork and outside-of-school activities

► Get acquainted with key web-tools and technology to facilitate learning

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