Centric Platform

Accelerate learning like never before

Our dynamic online learning platform engages students in a project-based learning curriculum aligned with competency-based assessment, communication tools and learning resources. Our easy to navigate and elegantly designed dashboard includes everything students, teachers and administrators need to guarantee success for students including customizable progress reports.

  • Flexible, customizable, easy to use, cost efficient
  • For teachers interested in PBL teaching, our technology and tools save time for teachers by adapting curriculum and personalizing courses, making them more student relevant
  • Engaging, intuitive, robust experience for teacher and students
  • Easy access to face-to-face live sessions and schedules
  • Student friendly rubrics
  • Student voices and choices
  • Teachers can modify and add to curriculum
  • Evidence based success - recipient of prestigious Cognia Award

Where learning becomes real

Centric platform has a library of 500+ projects and 50+ courses that engage learners in real-world learning aligned to state and national standards. Each course has a variety of projects based on the interests of learners, giving them choices on how to complete the course.

Give grades
a deeper

At Centric Learning Academy, learners make progress by mastering learning outcomes. Our platform helps teachers give quality feedback and meaningful grades by breaking down each national standard with rubrics.


Explore Centric Platform's Features

Learn about all the features your learners and teachers need to facilitate learning, give feedback, and communicate


Integrate your tools

Integrates with ed tech tools like Google for Education or Office 365

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Learn collaboratively and virtually

Enables learners to be active in communities, chat, mobile notifications, and messaging

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Think online and the classroom

Empowers teachers to work in an online, blended, or classroom model

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Get data and take action

Tracks the data teachers and school leaders need to improve instruction and personalize learning

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Design projects quickly

Makes it easy to create new projects or modify existing projects to personalize learning for your learners.


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