Academic Planning

Evaluating Student Needs and Skills

Academic planning is one of the linchpins of our approach at Centric Learning Academy. From the moment of enrollment, it's vital to set a new student on a pathway to success.

Upon enrollment, Placement Counselors confirm and review all necessary prior academic records for a prospective student. In coordination with the family and the Academic Mentor, they carefully design an appropriate learning plan and live class agenda, taking into account scheduling preferences and outside-of-school activities, as well as our high school students' post-secondary goals.

Adaptive Planning

The conversation doesn't stop there. As a student's needs, interests, and goals develop and change over time, we are constantly adjusting each student's learning plan to meet the student where they are.

We carefully monitor our students' academic progress throughout each semester. Based on our bi-weekly progress reports and student-mentor conversations, adjustments to the learning plan or class schedule can be made at any time, always will the consultation of the family.

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